Forest areas

Rating model


The Sicirec formula for projects

Reason and need

Primary forest and other natural regions are disappearing at an alarming rate as humans inhabit all corners of the earth with increasing density.

Consequently, good stewardship practices have become a grave necessity in order for humanity to survive without the total depletion of these natural resources.

Because of rapid poplutation growth, further habitation of unused spaced will continue.

In order to help remedy this deteriorating situation, we have developed a formula which combines the productive use of land with the recovery and lasting protection of original vegetation networks which render and maintain high ecological value.

In this way, local and highly unique ecosystems are conserved while destructive fragmentation is prevented, preventing further extinction of species.


The Sicirec formula

In our approach the available area is divided into production-land and networks of nature-preserves and ecological corridors.

Such natural ecological systems should cover a minimum of 20% of the land's total ground surface.

In exchange for the permanent protection of those ecological networks, we arrange the set-up and financing of plantation forestry on the remaining (maximum of) 80% of the land.

Furthermore, our projects are set up in such a way that the local population profits from the commercial plantation forestry and from the know-how we provide.

We particularly apply the Sicirec Formula to our plantation forestry projects. For that purpose the Sicirec rating model has been developed. With this model we appraise plantation forestry projects on financial as well as ecological terms.

A good score implies that it is a profitable plantation forestry-project which also has a lasting added value for the environment.

The Sicirec formula, however, can be applied to all human activities in which land is used and exploited, such as, for example, agriculture or living- and industrial areas.