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Sicirec's name

Cyclical systems

Sicirec is an acronym for the Spanish Sistemas de Circulación Ecológica, or ecological cyclical systems. In our vision, people and businesses are also part of the natural cyclical systems.

By causing damage to these systems, mankind will eventually cause damage to itself.

On the other hand, this connection offers opportunities for people and businesses, as a positive influence on nature and the environment will lead to better living and working conditions.

Examples of such influences are nature preservation, sustainable technology and reducing pollution by recycling waste and reducing the emission of toxic gasses.

From this viewpoint, Sicirec supports projects in developing countries, in which sustainable forestry, nature preservation, and support of the local population are realised.

Cradle to Cradle

Our vision, based on ecological cyclical systems, confirms William McDonough and Michael Braungart's well-known 'cradle to cradle' philosophy.

Their philosophy revolves around the necessity of recycling materials. In such closed cyclical systems economic growth can be good for both the environment and mankind.

A necessary condition is, however, that production is modelled Cradle to Cradle. This means that all products in their waste-phase are taken into recycling again, and as such, should be fully recycleable or decomposable.