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Sicirec Group corporate structure

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Sicirec Group organigram

Sicirec Group

Sicirec Group B.V. was established on May 16, 2007 and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Meppel under number 04086527.


Sicirec offers services aimed towards sustainable plantation forestry. We have an integrated approach from diverse professional areas.

We are particularly specialised in:

  • ­ forestry and ecological consultancy;

  • ­ corporate finance and innovative financing;

  • ­ development and sales of CO2-rights;

  • ­ management of plantation forestry investment funds.

We rely on expert staff with forestry-, ecological-, financial- and socio-ethical expertise.


The manager of Sicirec Group B.V. is:

Drs. Popko P. van der Molen

Stichting Sicirec Foundation

Sicirec has aqcuired broad experience in the area of public-private plantation forestry projects in developing countries. Next to commercial plantation forestry, Sicirec projects also focus on nature preservation and poverty alleviation.

Nature preservation and poverty alleviation in our projects are financed through donations and contributions by third parties.

Therefore Stichting Sicirec Foundation has been established. This Foundation supports the realisation of plantation forestry projects in developing countries, in which there is an added value for nature and for the local population.