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Rating model


Sicirec rating model

The model

Based on our 20 years of experience, we have developed our own rating model to assess plantation forestry organisations.

This rating system gives us a good insight into the management and prospects of a business.

Our model assesses nine aspects of quality, grouped around two main themes: "financial security" and "ecological added value".

In our rating model, the financial parameters (maximum score 54 points) have more weight than the ecological parameters (maximum score 46 points). This is because financial continuity is essential to also realise the ecological goals.

The rating analysis

In our rating analysis, the management, financing and ecological structure are also assessed to determine if they meet certain requirements.

If a plantation forestry organisation scores well in all aspects, it implies that financial and ecological interests are properly tended to.

There are several aspects of quality which can individually prevent optimum wood yields from being realized. Therefore the rating has been set up in such a way that an insufficient rating for one of these crucial variables, such as quality of management and natural circumstances, can produce an insufficient end rating on its own.

We evaluate our rating model periodically and it is improved on the basis of advancing insights and feedback from plantations and investors.