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CCB Standards

The Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards (CCB) are a worldwide, leading standard applying quality norms to review forestry projects.

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The CCB reviews projects on their contribution to climate change, support of local populations and nature preservation.

The CCB Standards are a response and an addition to the FSC guidelines.

In fact it turned out that projects with an FSC label were sometimes realised to the detriment of the local nature or population.

In the CCB Standards, further guidelines have been expounded for forestry projects on the concept of added value.

A project is CCB certified if all criteria are met.

Bonus points can also be gained when the project meets specific criteria of the CCB Standards.

The project can be accreddited 'Silver' in this case, or 'Gold' in case of a very high score.

Our ArBolivia project, involving commercial plantation forestry and nature conservation by small farmers, has applied for a CCB certification. It has turned out that it is most likely to receive a “gold” rating.

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This special qualification shows that this project sustains an excellent integration of reforestation, nature preservation, and livelyhood improvement for the local population.

Approved projects are published on the CCBA website.

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