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International Climate Symbol

Why a symbol?

Climate change has become an increasingly important problem across the world. Organisations communicate about the issue from differeent perspectives: impacts, causes and solutions.

These fragmented messages can make climate change look like a problem that cannot be tackled. Solutions like energy efficient appliances or green electricity are often not linked to the same underlying problem.


How can we make all these different messages reinforce each other without losing the identity of the different organisations? How can we find a common thread that links the messages to the same issue: climate change?

In the search for a lynchpin the International Climate Symbol has been developed. All non-commercial parties and individuals can use the symbol to express their concern about climate change and willingness to solve the problem.

Who can use it?

All non-commercial organizations, like NGOs, governments and municipalities, can use the symbol in their communications on climate change. They can incorporate it on their websites, leaflets, as a pay-off in TV commercials, posters, reports, etcetera.


You too can use the Climate Symbol, to express the feeling that we can and should curb climate change.

Download the symbol and use it anywhere you like.

Co-branding symbol

The International Climate Symbol is a co-branding symbol:

  • you do not need extra time or money: you can use the symbol in your existing or planned communications;
  • your organization decides about the look and feel and content of your message;
  • you decide where to place the symbol and in what size;
  • your message corresponds to the intention of the symbol: that we should and can curb climate change.