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Parameters for Ecological Quality

Parameters for Ecological Quality

General rating of ecological quality (maximum total score 46) consists of the following parameters:

E.1 Ecological corridors: maximum total score 26

  • E.1.1 Guarantees for future protection of corridors and pockets: maximum score 6
  • E.1.2 Size and location of corridors: maximum total score 8
  • E.1.2.1 Ecological links with natural reserves: maximum score 2
  • E.1.2.2 Maximum distance between corridors and/or ecological reserves: maximum score 3
  • E.1.2.3 Minimum width of corridors (ecological bottlenecks): maximum score 1
  • E.1.2.4 Average width of corridors: maximum score 2
  • E.1.3 Ecological quality of corridors: maximum total score 6
  • E.1.3.1 Stage of ecological development in corridors: maximum score 2
  • E.1.3.2 Variation of species in corridors: maximum score 1
  • E.1.3.3 Ecological enrichment techniques: maximum score
  • E.1.3.4 Variation of substrate in corridors: maximum score 1
  • E.1.3.5 Year-round water available in corridors?: maximum score 1
  • E.1.4 Corridors realized yet?: maximum score 4
  • E.1.5 Quality of registration of corridor planning: maximum score 2

E.2 FSC certification: maximum score 10

E.3 Ecological pockets: maximum total score 5

  • E.3.1 Ecological quality of pockets: maximum total score 3
  • E.3.1.1 Stage of ecological development in pockets: maximum score 1
  • E.3.1.2 Variation of conditions in pockets: maximum score 1
  • E.3.1.3 Variation of species in pockets: maximum score 0,5
  • E.3.1.4 Year-round water available in pockets?: maximum score 0,5
  • E.3.2 Percentage of ecological pockets and corridors: maximum score 2

E.4 Ecological quality of production areas: maximum score 5

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