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Code of Good Conduct

Code of Good Conduct Sicirec Foundation in relation to fundraising and communications.

  1. In their communication about donations, the conduct of Sicirec Foundation employees is characterized by respect for private and legal persons.
  2. Foremost herein are honesty, integrity and dignity so as not to damage the image of Sicirec Foundation.
  3. In their activities, Sicirec Foundation employees act in conformity with the law, enforced regulations and good morals.
  4. Sicirec Foundation employees do everything in their might to prevent their conduct from damaging the image of other fundraising organisations and of fundraising in general.
  5. Sicirec Foundation employees do not partake in fundraising activities for personal gain.
  6. Sicirec Foundation employees are consistent in their compliance with this Code of Good Conduct and encourage others to do the same.
  7. Sicirec Foundation employees do not mislead private or legal persons in their fundraising activities and do not provide misleading information.
  8. Employees are prepared to provide information, which can reasonably be expected to be relevant to the fundraising, regardless of whether this information can negatively influence this.
  9. Sicirec Foundation employees do not make comparisons to other fundraising organisations  in a 'better than' sense in their fundraising information.
  10. Sicirec Foundation employees refrain from intimidating behaviour in their fundraising activities.
  11. Sicirec Foundation employees do not disclose information obtained through their position from for example their employers without explicit and prior permission from the relevant source.
  12. Sicirec Foundation employees respect the privacy, the freedom of choice and the interest of everybody involved with the organisation, particularly in relation to their fundraising activities. 
  13. Sicirec Foundation employees realise that donation, also in the context of a written agreement, should principally and reasonably be voluntary.
  14. Sicirec Foundation employees inform third parties fundraising on behalf of the Foundation of this Code of Good Conduct.