Forest areas



Our approach

Sicirec Foundation supports projects which target protection of primary forest in developing countries and which also focus on improving the living conditions for the local population.

It is our belief that the classic view of conflict of interest between commercial activities and nature preservation is a thing of the past. The ever growing world population occupies an increasing part of the available space, making it untenable to keep seeing nature preservation and economic interests as separate things.

Our solution is developing methods which combine networks of nature reserves on one side and living and industrial areas on the other. An import aspect of this is that the local population is actively involved in the projects, because we believe that only that way, projects have a chance to last.

Project characteristics

We support and finance projects which are developed from an integral approach. Our projects in developing countries comprise the following three aspects:

  1. Nature preservation: biodiversity and ecological corridors;
  2. Development cooperation: improving the living conditions of the local population;
  3. Awareness: making the local population aware of the necessity of nature preservation and of the possiblites for them to achieve it.

Our projects usually are an extension of sustainable forest plantation projects.

Education of local farmers

We are a proponent of integrating public-private projects comprising commercial plantation forestry, nature preservation and poverty alleviation.