Forest areas



What we do and how to support us

Our mission

Sicirec Foundation supports and realises charity projects in the slipstream of the activities of Sicirec Group. The projects focus on preservation of biodiversity and on livelihood improvement for the local people in developing countries.

Sicirec Foundation realises its goals by restoring and protecting forest ecosystems and by providing assistence to and capacity building for local people in order to improve their agriculture methods.

For the financing of its projects Sicirec Foundation is dependent on gifts, sponsoring and legacies. Because the projects are realised in the slipstream of the activities of Sicirec Group, 100% of the received funds can be spent on the realisation of the Foundation's social and ecological goals.

Sicirec Foundation has been qualified as an Institution which strives for the General Benefit (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI)). This means that for Dutch citizens donations are income tax deductable as well as company and inheritance tax deductable.




Your support

You can help us realize our projects in developing countries by means of a: