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Why invest in timber?

Investing in plantation forestry

Investing in sustainable plantation forestry is attractive for four reasons:

1. Revenue
The worldwide increasing demand for wood will result in further price increase. Because of the long growth cycles, the supply of tropical hardwood cannot be expanded rapidly.

Over the previous years the price of tropical hardwood has increased by more than 50% and future increases are expected.

2. Risk distribution
Historically, wood prices do not follow general developments on stock markets. Therefore, investing in wood is a solid foundation for a diverse portfolio.

3. Inflation resistant
An investment in forestry is immune to inflation because periods of inflation are generally coupled with a strong increase in the price of wood.

4. Added value
Apart from yielding high revenues, investing in tropical forestry through Sicirec offers an opportunity to contribute to the lasting recovery of nature.

Our investments meet the FSC criteria for sustainable wood production. Also, the establishment and lasting protection of ecological corridors is an essential part of our formula.


Sicirec Investment Management B.V. is an asset manager specialised in plantation forestry. We have more than 15 years worth of experience in plantation forestry investment in (sub)tropical countries.

For selection of investments we use the Sicirec rating model. This model has been developed over the last 15 years on the basis of our knowledge and experience.

Using this model, forestry, ecological, financial, and governance aspects and the quality and experience of the management of an investment are evaluated.

The Fund thus selects suitable investments which combine financial revenue with an added ecological value.

Our services

We can offer advice on investment in a selection of organisations applying sustainable forestry methods.

You may then buy shares in these companies directly. You will receive periodical reports, and as a shareholder, you can visit the businesses and their projects.

With an investment of € 50.500 or more, you can also participate in the Sicirec Forestry Mixfund. This fund comprises a diverse portfolio of investments in sustainable forestry.