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Sicirec Investment Management

Asset management

Sicirec Investment Management B.V. is an asset manager specialised in reforestation and afforestation projects. We have 20 years of experience with investing in sustainable plantation forestry in (sub)tropical countries.  

We visit projects around the world and select the most promising candidates for you. Additionally, we manage funds and portfolios of large investors in plantation forestry projects.

In selecting investments we use our rating model.  This model has been developed using our knowledge and experience gained over the past 15 years.

With our rating model we assess investments on their forestry, ecological, financial and governance aspects, and on quality and experience of the management.

This way we select the most likely investments for you, combining high revenues with an added ecological value.



Opportunities for additional revenues

We can realise additional revenues for our investors through the purchase of shares and parcels of projects with forestry in non-liquid markets.

Our asset managers have access to such markets in which large differences often exist between the 'actual value' and marketprice of investments.

We possess the forestry- and financial expertise to spot and appraise such promising investments.

In addition to the above, we realise additional revenues by purchasing shares and parcels of projects experiencing liquidity problems, so-called distressed forestry assets.  

Frequently, forestry projects underestimate the level of liquidity required in the period before the first thinning revenues come in.

We seek projects for investors which have good long term prospects but in which the shares and lots are strongly undervalued because of short-term problems.