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Due diligence Ghana

Our assignment

The Association of investors (VDPG) in the plantations of Global Green in Ghana has requested Sicirec Forestry consultancy B.V. to perform a due dilligence analysis on the condition and viability of the plantation projects of Somanya and Mampong.

The Global Green companies are troubled by conflicts between the shareholders in Ghana. The Asociation's board of managers communicates about this with the companies and in the name of its members intents to support the continuity of the plantations.

The inquiry

Sicirec Forestry Consultancy has completed the following activities:

  •     Assess the financial position of the plantations Somanya, Mampong, and Dormaa;
  •     Assess the extent of the tree stands;
  •     Assess the state of maintenance of the stands;
  •     Estimate the value of the tree stands;
  •     Assess the necessity and possibilities for additional funding for the plantations;
  •     Work out a framework for financial and legal restructuring.

Field work was carried out in February 2009, and included a visit to the plantation sites. The companies fully cooperated with the inquiry.

Our findings have been reported to the board of managers of the investors association, which subsequently informed its members about our conclusions and recommendations.

Investors in the Global Green plantations who are not members yet are recommended to sign up at the association's website.
Investors may also give their input at the hardwood wiki page regarding Global Green.