Forest areas

Rating model


Our methods


We give advice for sustainable plantation forestry. In particular we have experience with public-private projects in developing countries. We also act as long term project manager for such projects.

The core of our working method is an integrated approach of several areas of expertise. For this purpose we have experienced staff with forestry, ecological, financial and socio-ethical expertise.

We also advise on the possibilities and benefits of establishing ecological corridors to create ecological networks for recovery and preservation of biological diversity.

Remnants of original primary forest, which form a good basis for the structuring of ecological corridors, are often still present in the project areas.

Combining sustainable forestry with lasting recovery of high quality ecological networks creates an opportunity for innovative green forms of financing.

Corporate finance

We do corporate finance and financing assignments. We explore the possibilities of financing the activities of plantation forestry businesses with risk capital.

A risk analysis and a forestry and financial due dilligence may be part of our assignment.

For the screening of plantation forestry companies we use our own rating model, which is based upon our knowledge of plantation forestry and project finance.

This rating model can be used by plantations to optimise their management. Furthermore, the projection of the future cashflows produced by this model is useful for investors.

In corporate finance assignments, we look at projects from a forestry perspective. We analyse the possibilities for innovative forms of financing for components of the necessery investment.

We assess the possibility of selling CO2 emission rights, find sponsors for bio rights, availability of specific funds, and the possibiliy of acquiring green loans from banks.