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Our services

Sicirec Forestry Consultancy B.V. provides professional consultancy for plantation forestry projects. Our method is an integrated approach with multi disciplinary expertise.

Amongst others, we are specialised in:

  • plantation forestry and ecological consultancy;
  • corporate finance and project financing;
  • realisation and selling of CO2 emmission rights.

We have plantation forestry, ecological and financial expertise at our disposal, and we have ample experience with plantation forestry in (sub)tropical countries.

Our customers are forest plantation companies, investors, governments, and non-profit organisations.

Our experiences

We have ample experience in attending to public-private plantation forestry projects in developing countries.

Such public-private projects, besides generating timber revenues, often also intend to contribute to biodiversity preservation and livelihood improvement for the local population.

Sicirec can advice on how to structure plantation forestry projects such, that they qualify for many types of certification, are irresistible to equity investors and profitable financially for all involved as well as ecologically.