Quality Criteria

Criteria for CO2 rights

Our CO2 rights meet the following criteria:

  1. The CO2 rights originate from sustainable forestry projects which have an added value for nature and local population.
  2. The CO2 rights should originate from projects which have already been realised or will be realised within the year.
  3. The calculation of the carbon sequestration of projects should be established and certified in accordance with international standards for forestry projects. Examples are the guidelines of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Climate, Community & Biodiversity standards (CCB).
  4. The CO2 rights are registered with EcoSafe Trust. This Trust provides the administration of the CO2 rights in a register which is audited by an accountant on a yearly basis.

Guaranties for clients

The CO2 rights’ net yields are paid to the projects from which they were generated.

The funds are used for the establishment of new forests and the protection of existing tropical forests.

We are highly involved with all our CO2 projects and monitor them intensively. Furthermore, the projects are inspected every 5 years by an independent auditor.

EcoSafe Trust holds a reserve of 20% of all traded CO2 rights until they have been determined definitely. This means that for every 5 tonnes of CO2 rights, only 4 tonnes may be traded.

The reserve acts as an insurance against possible loss of CO2 rights following natural disaster (storm, forest-fires, earthquakes) and other unforeseen events.