CO2 credits from our projects

In 2009 the first subsection of ArBolivia was registered with the United Nations as a Kyoto-project. As of May 31, 2011 the project has also been registered as a Plan Vivo project and currently it is being validated in line with the CarbonFix standards. The CarbonFix registration is expected to be completed early 2012.

Since the Bolivian authorities currently do not provide projects with the required letters of approval, momentarily we are unable to offer Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) from the ArBolivia project. Availability of carbon credits therefore is limited to Verified Emission Reductions (VERs).

VERs are emission reductions that meet defined standards and requirements, other than the Kyoto Protocol. VERs are used for voluntarily balancing greenhouse gas emissions. VERs are calculated by Sicirec using the same methodology as used for tCERs.

Emission reductions from Sicirec projects can be purchased by governmental entities and companies. Private persons that wish to compensate their emissions may do so with Trees for All.

Available credits

Sicirec still has credits available from its ArBolivia project. These are credits from commercial timber plantations as well as credits from ecological corridors and conservation of primary and secondary forests.

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